When will the store be updated? I want a pill!

A: We post information about shop updates to our Facebook Page, so be sure to check it out often! We have some big and exciting plans concerning the Pill, we won't be out of stock for much longer!

Why are your kendamas so expensive? I could buy a _____ kendama for like $25-30!

A: The main reason our kendamas are more expensive is the fact that they're made one at a time, by hand. The amount of work and care put into each and every one of our products guarantees that they're top notch. We're big fans of using rare, exotic, and beautiful woods to make our products; this can also lead to an increase in price. If you are considering buying a Terra product we are proud to recommend that you simply talk to one of our past customers to find out if it's worth it. We are confident they will give us an excellent review. 

Do you sponsor kendama players?

We currently have a team that includes some of the most talented and inspirational players we have ever met. At this point we are not looking to add another additional players to the roster. Keep your eyes peeled for an edit from the team coming soon!